UEFA Euro 2024 Boasts Highest Betting Margins

According to the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, the UEFA Euro 2024 has a betting margin of 17.3%.

UEFA Euro 2024 Boasts Highest Betting Margins
UEFA Euro 2024 Boasts Highest Betting Margins

UEFA Euro 2024 boasts the highest betting margins among major football events this year, surpassing the UEFA Champions League 2024 by nine percentage points. The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, an award-winning sports betting software, shares insights from the tournament’s group stage.

According to the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, the UEFA Euro 2024 has a betting margin of 17.3%. The most popular betting markets are the match winner and the total goals scored, with the latter having a margin of 15.5%. 

Alexander Kamenetskiy, Head of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, explains: “This suggests that bettors are primarily interested in straightforward, outcome-based wagers and performance-based metrics. These markets are likely attractive to bettors because they are simple and easy to understand. However, despite their straightforward nature, the high margins indicate that predicting the outcomes can be challenging.”

Top Five Margin Matches:

  1. Netherlands vs France

  2. Belgium vs Slovakia

  3. Austria vs France

  4. Denmark vs England

  5. Netherlands vs Austria

These matches should be analysed further to understand the factors contributing to their high profitability, such as unexpected outcomes, high margins on certain types of bets, or significant deviations from public expectations. Interestingly, three of these matches also ranked among the top five by the number of bets:

  1. Austria vs France

  2. Netherlands vs France

  3. Germany vs Hungary

  4. Spain vs Italy

  5. Belgium vs Slovakia

This suggests these fixtures had high public interest, likely due to the popularity of the teams, star players, or historical rivalries.

Betting Trends

Most bets (77%) are placed via mobile devices, indicating a strong preference for mobile betting among users and confirming the trend toward smartphones and tablets.

Combo bets account for 40% of all bets but have a margin four times higher than single bets. Despite the average single bet being twice the amount of a combo bet, the higher margin on combo bets makes them crucial for profitability. Encouraging combo betting through promotions or better odds could be beneficial.

Alexander Kamenetskiy adds:

“The difference between tournaments of this level and others is the high number of new players, who bet only on the Euro and then stop until the World Cup. That is why operators carefully design their intro bonus programs to show new players all the available features. Since combo bets have higher margins, encouraging them through special offers or loyalty rewards could be very profitable.”

The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook team has recently launched its mobile application on the Serbian Google Play and App Store. Additionally, SOFTSWISS has introduced a free resource for businesses planning to start a sports betting venture – the Sportsbook Budget Calculator.

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