MGM Releases The BetMGM Online Sportsbook Programme.

The launch of BetMGM in Massachusetts was lauded by BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt in a press statement. He saw it as a thrilling addition to the operations of MGM Springfield.

MGM Releases The BetMGM Online Sportsbook Programme.
MGM Releases The BetMGM Online Sportsbook Programme.

On March 10, BetMGM and a plethora of other online betting programmes made their Massachusetts debuts. After years of legislative debate, MGM Springfield finally opened its on-site sportsbook on January 31. BetMGM represents an expansion of that operation.

Greenblatt said, "The debut of sports betting in Massachusetts has delivered an incredible amount of excitement and activity to our retail sportsbook at MGM Springfield … We're proud to expand our best-in-class wagering experience statewide during one of sports' biggest months of action," 

During a press junket on March 10, Vice President of Casino Operations at MGM Springfield Robert Westerfield also raved about BetMGM. In Westerfield's opinion, BetMGM offers a limitless variety of sports betting possibilities and is a "user-friendly" service.

Westerfield expressed, "We have the most user-friendly application. We have all the bets and access to every bet you could possibly imagine, from the length of the national anthem to the coin toss,"

Westerfield championed MGM as "the king of sports books" for their services across the nation. He expressed hope for BetMGM's growth in Western Massachusetts and referred to the area as "a great market" for their services.

Westerfield continued, "We're all over the country. We handle action from small [bets] to as high as you can possibly imagine. We've been doing this for years and years, so this is just an expansion upon that in Wester Mass. … We think it's going to be a great market,"

The sportsbook operations at MGM Springfield are integrating BetMGM. An information desk is available in the casino's sports betting entertainment section, which also has a lounge with stadium seating and a 45-foot-long viewing wall made up of TVs. Numerous BetMGM marketing promotions are also shown on the walls of the casino.

Gaming education is a significant component of MGM Springfield's sportsbooks. The casino runs the GameSense programme on-site and makes GameSense data available via the BetMGM app. Using a variety of resources and information, both venues support responsible gaming.

“They’ve been a great partner since day one, [the sportsbooks] will only expand their services,” Westerfield said.

Since MGM Springfield opened its on-site sportsbook a month and a half ago, Westerfield said that business at the casino had increased.

“It’s been an unbelievable boost to the energy in the building … The synergy has been fantastic, the staff has been great, and you can feel the energy through the whole building. You can feel the buzz,” Added Westerfield.

He also mentioned how the sportsbook has helped the casino's many amenities.

“They are very happy … There are more people really experiencing the property,” said Westerfield. 

The casino's amenities are steadily getting back to normal. Many on-site dining establishments, including Tap Sports Bar, Costa, an Italian restaurant, and Roasted Bean, were expanding, according to MGM Springfield, which made the announcements during a press conference on February 16. The Topgolf Swing Suite and the Tap Sports bowling lane at the casino were also open later.

Following a visit by MGM Resorts International CEO William Hornbuckle on January 20, MGM Springfield has experienced a surge in new activity. During a discussion and news conference about the casino's performance since it opened in August 2018, he was joined by Mayor Domenic Sarno, Casino Oversight Committee Chair Michael Fenton, and MGM Springfield CEO Chris Kelley.

Hornbuckle acknowledged that the casino's performance fell short of MGM International's expectations. As the casino searches for more suitable fits, on-site retailers Indian Motorcycle and Kringle Candle Company are being redesigned. Also, instead of expecting to hire 3,000 people, MGM Springfield now anticipates recruiting 2,000 people.

“Our original valuation of this market simply was, off full stop … We thought there would be more business here than ultimately materialized,” Hornbuckle remarked.

At the moment, the casino employs anywhere between 1,500 employees. Through job fair events, they are actively hiring. 

On March 16, Indian Motorcycle officially reopened with a few additional additions, including an influx of Springfield Thunderbirds memorabilia.

MGM Springfield's sportsbook income trailed behind those of other casinos in February, the first full month that active sportsbooks were available in Massachusetts. The taxable sports betting revenue generated by Encore Boston Harbor, Plainridge Park Casino, and MGM Springfield totaled $857,602 and $890,555, respectively, according to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission's monthly report. When its sportsbook opened on January 31, the casino made about $12,152 in profit.

The introduction of sportsbooks did result in an increase in overall profits for MGM Springfield. In February, the casino made $23.3 million as opposed to $22.8 million in January. Since October 2022, February was the casino's highest-earning month.

Hornbuckle and Sarno are still upbeat about the future of the casino despite a few obstacles. According to Sarno, MGM Springfield is “starting to get its mojo back” immediately following the coronavirus pandemic. He mentioned the positive benefits MGM Springfield's presence in the neighbourhood has had on a number of adjacent restaurants and businesses.

Westerfield stated that the casino is “super excited” for its new growth prospect now that BetMGM has arrived. At the start of the NCCA March Madness competitions, he emphasised that it is ideal for the casino to have both onsite and phone application sportsbooks operational.

“We’ve waited for this day for so long, we are thrilled that its here … The timing is great. It worked out well the way we got [the on-location sportsbook] a week before the Super Bowl so we could get our legs under us and a week before the March Madness tournament [for BetMGM’s debut],” commented Westerfield.

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