We Retain: How Trueplay Makes Industry Turnover at ICE 2023

Trueplay will present its product and new features at the ICE 2023 on 7-9 February at ExCeL London

We Retain: How Trueplay Makes Industry Turnover at ICE 2023
We Retain: How Trueplay Makes Industry Turnover at ICE 2023

ICE 2023 event gathers 35.000+ international participants and attendees. During the conference, casino operators, owners, and C-levels seek the best solutions to upgrade their businesses. But what Trueplay has to propose with its tokenized loyalty programs goes far beyond improving KPIs.

Among the instant benefits of Trueplay to the casino platform are up to 5.2 times retention, higher 67.4% ARPPU, and 148% higher traffic ROI within six months of integration. But there’s something even more attractive about the idea of Trueplay.

Alex Antsyferov, CBO at Trueplay:

“We challenge the status quo gambling has maintained for 10-15 years. We put forward an up-to-date solution that works and will work in the future. Tokenization of all industries with an online presence is the next big thing, as DeFi technology is already changing how we communicate globally, bringing safety and transparency to the table. Gambling businesses that catch up with the trend first will recommend themselves as pioneers and establish strong liveable brands.”

Trueplay loyalty programs are called Play to Earn and Hold to Earn. Through the iFrame widget, users get tokens issued by a casino each time they make a bet. Also, they can stake tokens for a certain amount of time to return later and get earned ones. Players tend to bet more and become loyal to the platform as there’s always something for them to win in form of digital assets.

Most casinos willing to issue their own tokens or crypto come across vast expenses on development. Trueplay makes it safe and accessible for businesses of any size and financial capabilities. A single set-up fee and support during the integration process is an opportunity to overcome the hurdles and scale up without changing the existing business model.

Arthur Buyukyan, Head of B2B & Partnerships at Trueplay:

“Along with our easy-to-install loyalty programs, we have developed a marketing strategy that we share with operators when they set up the Trueplay widget. These are instructions on how to engage players to use the programs. Furthermore, our client support service is always there to help casinos properly promote their tokens step by step. In terms of marketing, Trueplay is a ready-to-wear solution, but with a tailored approach.”

Trueplay is constantly improving its product by adding more and more features that are efficient in the highly-competitive industry. New features expected in 2023 are connecting to MetaMask or other wallets, NFT avatars, player tournaments, daily bonuses, and more.

The Trueplay team is open to meeting at ICE 2023 Conference on February 7-9, ExCel London, stand S9-360. To set up a meeting, email:

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