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Former FC Barcelona Executive Juli Ferre Nadal Koins Forces with Tally Technology

Experienced sports and entertainment expert becomes Board Advisor and global consultant for fan activation platform and helps develop partnerships with major brands connected to sport to engage fans and drive revenues

Former FC Barcelona Executive Juli Ferre Nadal Koins Forces with Tally Technology
Former FC Barcelona Executive Juli Ferre Nadal Koins Forces with Tally Technology

Tally Technology (, the premier global fan engagement platform, has joined forces with former FC Barcelona, AS Monaco, FIBA and FIFA Beach Soccer executive Juli Ferre Nadal to help drive its growth with major brands and sports clubs in Europe and beyond.

 Nadal, who has more than 15 years of experience in sports and entertainment, was Head of Global Partnerships at FC Barcelona from 2013 to 2017 before joining AS Monaco as Commercial and Marketing Director. In 2020, Nadal started his own consultancy, JFN Sport, which focuses on sports marketing, sponsorship, international strategy and innovation.

Tally Technology, originally founded as a free-to-play prediction game for brands, sports teams, leagues and media companies, has evolved into a deep-rooted fan activation platform that enables major brands and sports rights holders to make meaningful connections with fans globally.

Utilized by brands, broadcasters, leagues and teams worldwide to drive fan engagement and retention, Tally’s platform is designed to create new revenue streams through sponsorship activations, player conversion and data creation.

 Commenting on Nadal’s appointment, Brad Vettese, CEO of Tally, said: 

“Juli’s experience within the sports marketing arena is second to none, having held senior roles with huge brands and organizations within the football world.

“It’s a real thrill for us that he has seen the value Tally can offer major brands and sports rights holders to deeply connect with fans and drive revenues through their sponsorship investments and strategies.

“We are delighted that Juli is joining us as a consultant and board advisor, and we are sure that he can offer immense value as we continue to partner with major organizations within the global sports sector.” 

Juli Ferre Nadal added:

“Tally has done some fantastic work in North and South America over the past few years, taking fan engagement to the next level with numerous big brands, teams, leagues and media outlets.

“As soon as I spoke with the Tally team, it became clear that there are huge opportunities to bring its unique approach to the European and global market as brands and rights holders face exactly the same challenges when it comes to engaging and monetizing passionate fan bases.

 “I have based my career around innovation in sport, and Tally’s fan engagement platform is one of the most advanced I have seen. I’m looking forward to helping grow the platform with the introduction of new brands and sports who share the vision for this inclusive type of fan engagement.”

 Tally Technology was founded in 2018 as a free-to-play prediction game for brands, professional sports teams, leagues and media platforms seeking a turnkey fan engagement platform. As part of the natural game play, Tally is building a database of unique users and gathering data on those users’ gaming, wagering, brand preferences, consumer spending and other insights. 

 Over the past four years, Tally has recorded more than 20 million predictions from unique users across North, Central and South America. It is the fan engagement platform choice of some of the biggest names in sports, including the Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks, St Louis Blues, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, Ceara and Atlético MG.

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