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Betr Bans Gambling with Credit Cards

Betr will be the first US internet operator to outlaw gambling using credit cards.

Betr Bans Gambling with Credit Cards
Betr Bans Gambling with Credit Cards

The first US operator to do so, sports betting company Betr, founded by Simplebet co-founder Joey Levy and influencer Jake Paul, has announced that it will prohibit the usage of credit cards on its micro-betting app.

Levy, the CEO of Betr, made the declaration Wednesday in Las Vegas at the Global Gaming Expo event (October 10).

Levy also disclosed that Betr would be the first operator to impose mandatory deposit caps for customers aged 21 to 25.

On LinkedIn, Levy wrote, "Sports betting should be about enhancing the way the mass market fan consumes and interacts with sports. The experience should be like going to the movies and paying $20 for 2 hours of entertainment; watching a live game & spending $20 on Betr to make that game more entertaining."

"We will win by becoming the primary app folks use to enhance the way they watch sports. As sports betting proliferates nationwide, we have a responsibility as leaders to get this right."

On September 2, Betr first made its micro-betting app available for free. No states have yet granted licences for the real-money version. Levy and Paul, Betr's president, raised $50 million in August to start the operator.

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