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 New Content Limitations on Gambling Adverts Announced

Marketers now have to make sure that their advertising is legal.

 New Content Limitations on Gambling Adverts
 New Content Limitations on Gambling Adverts

On October 1, new regulations with stricter safeguards for minors went into effect, further demonstrating the Committee of Advertising Practice's (CAP) dedication to protecting young people and vulnerable audiences. 

In order to ensure that gambling and lottery advertisements do not significantly appeal to children and young people, CAP will now take complaints regarding their content into consideration. Marketers now have to make sure that their advertising is legal. 

According to the prior regulations, advertisements couldn't have a "special appeal" for kids. The new "strong" appeal test forbids anything (imagery, themes, and characters), regardless of how it is perceived by adults, that has a strong level of appeal to people under the age of 18. This will have a big impact on gambling marketers who want to promote their businesses using well-known athletes, celebrities, and social media influencers who have a large following among minors. In fact, this will severely limit the images and allusions that gambling advertisements may use, which should lessen the likelihood that they will draw the attention of viewers under the age of 18. For instance, advertisements won't be able to use: 

  1. footballers playing in the top division and those who have a sizable online following among fans under the age of 18. 
  2. All athletes who are well-known to those under the age of 18, including athletes with a sizeable underage social media following. 
  3. references to kid-friendly video game material and gameplay. 
  4. stars of reality television programmes that appeal to young people, like Love Island. 

In April, CAP made public the results of its consultation on the suggestions. The consultation was in response to GambleAware study, which examined the effects of gambling advertisements in the UK in-depth for the first time. According to the report's findings, regulation adjustments may be able to keep children under the age of 18 safe from the negative effects of gambling-related advertising. 

In addition to the new rules, CAP has compiled previous guidance on how to interpret the other Codes' requirements for those under the age of 18 and prepared a detailed piece of guidance to support the application of the new strong appeal threshold. 

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