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Blockchain for Free? Easy Solution for Online Casinos

Before investing thousands in the development of something big like a blockchain casino, it is important to know what would be the ROI.

Blockchain for Free? Easy Solution for Online Casinos
Blockchain for Free? Easy Solution for Online Casinos

Blockchain-based solutions have been around iGaming for years. With the unbeatable amount of advantages, it is still difficult to implement this new technology for most brands, that’s not even talking about the cost. 

Before investing thousands in the development of something big like a blockchain casino, it is important to know what would be the ROI. And in most cases, it’s quite tricky to predict something and calculate the possible outcome. However, there is a solution that has recently boomed all around the iGaming news, especially among European brands. 

iFrame widget instead of the development process

This is exactly what Trueplay has created. Building a whole blockchain casino is a bit crazy in many regards, but installing a widget takes a few hours without any need to even look for blockchain programmers. Trueplay has made easy-to-implement tokenized loyalty programs that give all the perks of blockchain transparency. Precisely: 

An opportunity for players to:  

  1. find and verify every transaction though Blockchain Explorer
  2. get rewards for certain actions in crypto
  3. use this crypto as they wish.

Whereas for casino owners it allows them to: 

  1. issue their own crypto token and modernize the rewards approach
  2. make players stay on the platform longer and come back more often
  3. motivate users to deposit more and make more bets. 

From business point of view, casinos become more attractive to players, so they have the trust to spend more particularly on this brand. 

Rewards in crypto 

How exactly does this work? Let’s see what an operator needs to do: 

  1. Register at the Trueplay website
  2. Create a unique crypto token (it’s done almost automatically)
  3. Reward players with crypto for bets and staking (this happens automatically, and you can choose which percentage to give away) 
  4. Watch players become more motivated and engaged
  5. Watch retention, LTV, Avg DepSum grow

What are tokenized loyalty programs? 

Trueplay offers two programs to reward players with crypto: 

  1. Play To Earn. Similar to cashback but not really. Users get a reward each time they make a bet, but they receive it regardless of whether they won or lost. It gives them more incentive to stay, play more, and deposit more.
  2. Hold To Earn. Similar to bank interest, but here players stake crypto instead of fiat money. In a short period of time, it is possible for players to receive some crypto reward if the casino’s income was positive, or just get tokens back if it wasn’t. 

Both of these programs give some unique benefits to players and make them more engaged, while they are boosting the casino’s metrics to the moon. It looks like a win-win situation for both sides. Happy players bring more money and feel even more satisfied. 

Is it really free and easy? 

Trueplay integration process takes less than 48 hours and there is nothing difficult about it. Operators can book a call to get a personalized demo. Regarding setup fees, they are really nonexistent, neither do they have recurring fees for supporting the widget. Their monetization model is from charging a certain percentage of players’ income through tokenized loyalty programs. So if it doesn’t work for the operator they get nothing (a good incentive!). 

In the world of online casino instruments, Trueplay looks like a perfect option for platforms of all scales. Without the need to pay for setting up, it is absolutely risk-free for casinos to try out the tool and see all the perks of blockchain solutions without actually having to implement blockchain technology on the operator’s side. 

It is easy to predict that sooner or later all major brands will implement blockchain solutions, as players will demand transparency once they find out it is possible to have it in online casinos. It’s just a question of time and who will be the first ones to benefit from this innovation.

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