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Lucky Block Crypto Launches $1m Prize Draws on 30th May in Web3 Breakout

The daily main prize draws will begin on 6th June.

Lucky Block Crypto Launches $1m Prize Draws on 30th May in Web3 Breakout
Lucky Block Crypto Launches $1m Prize Draws on 30th May in Web3 Breakout

Lucky Block crypto jackpot prize draw ticket sales begin on Monday 30th May 2022 at 10:00 British Summer Time (BST) (09:00 UTC).

The winner of the main draw jackpot will be announced and paid at 20:00 BST (19:00 UTC) on Tuesday 31 May.

In addition, the NFT draw winner will be announced and paid on Tuesday at the same time.

In addition to the main draw, which kicks off with a $1 million prize, there will also be the NFT draw for owners of Lucky Block NFTs in which $1 million is also up for grabs.

The daily main prize draws will begin on 6th June.

Commenting on the launch Terence Ribaudo, Lucky Block head of product, said:

"We are focused on creating cutting edge Web3 experiences, and bringing the best of the gaming and entertainment world to attract and reward new users into the space through multi-channel marketing."

Ribaudo continued: "By utilising the best of blockchain technologies, and delivering experiences that people with no crypto experience can enjoy, we will build a new ecosystem that will benefit not just us, but the entire Web3 community."

A launch party for the countdown to the announcement of the first draw winners begins at 18:00 UTC on Tuesday 31 May on the Lucky Block main Telegram group chat.  

Lucky Block crypto free entry tickets spur interest in Web3 product

The total of $2 million to be won in LBLOCK tokens has ignited a frenzy of interest across the crypto space and among ordinary consumers, in part because the main prize draw includes a free entry ticket option.

Anyone who holds more than $500 worth of LBLOCK tokens when a snapshot of the blockchain is taken in the 24-hour period before the draw, will be entitled to one free ticket. Also, by sending in a postcard consumers will be able to take part in the draw for free.

Free entry is also likely to see greater ticket sales volume than would otherwise have been the case, as players seek to increase their chance of winning draws by buying tickets.

There is no upper limit on the number of tickets that can be bought.

Already, the price of the LBLOCK token has been rising in anticipation of the start of the jackpot prize draws.

The LBLOCK price has risen nearly 100% in the past 7 days to $0.00279. 

LBLOCK can now be purchased with ordinary money

In addition to the free ticket, the ability to buy LBLOCK directly with fiat will boost take-up.

Since last week visitors to the website have been able to buy LBLOCK using their credit or debit card.

The fiat onramp has been built into the web app, making the second leg of the mass market adoption strategy.

Web app readies for mass-market adoption

The third leg of the consumer adoption strategy is the web app. The Lucky Block web app is undergoing final quality assurance, including testing of all smart contract builds.

The web app is available to anyone with an internet-enabled device and therefore provides an easy way to onboard the widest number of people as there are no hardware or app store limitations.

The web app will be released to the public on Monday 30th May. 

In another first – Lucky Block NFTs are probably the best chance on offer anywhere of becoming a millionaire

With around 2,500 NFTs sold for 3.75 WBNB apiece, and each offering free entry for life into the daily NFT draw, the $1 million giveaway offers among the best odds available anywhere in the world for the chance to become an overnight millionaire.

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