Jackpocket Named Official NY and NJ Lottery App Partner of OpenFortune

The lottery app is giving away free lottery tickets inside fortune cookies

Jackpocket Named Official NY and NJ Lottery App Partner of OpenFortune
Jackpocket Named Official NY and NJ Lottery App Partner of OpenFortune

Jackpocket, the leading lottery app in the US to provide a secure way to order official state lottery tickets, has become the official New York and New Jersey lottery app partner of OpenFortune, the media company that creates and distributes more than 1 billion branded fortune cookies to over 21,000 restaurants nationwide. 

Both brands are reaching restaurant-goers and those ordering takeout in NY and NJ by distributing branded fortune cookies that hold a chance to redeem a free lottery ticket.

During the campaign, customers that receive the cookies can redeem a free lottery ticket on the Jackpocket app by scanning the QR code located on the back cookie slip. Simultaneously, the front slip will share lucky numbers and a traditional, luck-related fortune such as, "There may be a large fortune right under your nose," or, "You will soon experience unexpected luck."

"Our goal at Jackpocket is to make lottery play more accessible, convenient, and secure, without taking away any of the fun. We are excited to introduce fortune cookie lovers across New York and New Jersey to a new, easy way to play for big lottery jackpots right from their phone," said Jackpocket Founder and CEO Peter Sullivan.

"Not to mention, we have had lottery winners on Jackpocket tell us they were inspired to play by a special fortune cookie."

According to a recent OpenFortune study, within the past few years, more than $400 million in lottery prize money has been attributed to the fortunes and lucky numbers found inside of fortune cookies. Of those studied, nearly 90% said they had used their fortune cookie to play the lottery, and almost 80% said they were more likely to play the lottery after reading their fortune cookie.

"Fortune cookies instill so many emotions, especially luck. Therefore, a tremendous number of people are motivated to play the lottery after reading their fortune cookie message and lucky numbers. Our partnership with Jackpocket is a natural fit, and we look forward to working with a brand that is truly pioneering the future of lottery play," said Matt Williams, Co-Founder of OpenFortune.

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