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EFL Contest Gambling Sponsorship Ban

EFL Chairman Rick Parry believes a sponsorship ban will have a catastrophic impact on the sport financially.

EFL Contest Gambling Sponsorship Ban
EFL Contest Gambling Sponsorship Ban

Rick Parry, chairman of the English Premier League (EFL), has spoken out against plans to ban gambling sponsorships for football clubs, believing this to have a catastrophic impact on the sport financially.

Parry’s viewpoint is that this ban would do nothing but discriminate smaller clubs and have no positive impact on problem gambling levels.

With sports betting sponsorships equating to £40m in funding, the scappage of such partnerships is something that the football committee could ‘ill afford’, says Rick Parry. 

However, safe gambling campaigners have for many years criticised the connection between football organisations and betting firms, believing football teams promoting such partnerships to ‘normalise’ betting. 

“Unless you were somehow able to measure it among a controlled group of people who had grown up never having been exposed to gambling advertising, it would be impossible to empirically prove its impact on rates of gambling harm,” said Matt Zarb-Cousin, a spokesman for Campaign For Fairer Gambling.

Parry points out there “there’s no evidence to suggest that banning sponsorship will reduce the prevalence of problem gambling” let alone a perceived “rise”.

These comments from Parry come at a time when the UK Government is accepting consultations on the impending review of the 2005 Gambling Act. As well as betting site sponsorships, the Government is expected to rewrite many entries of the act. These include changes to online stake limits, regulation of game design and VIP marketing.

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