Betting Brands Join Social Media Blackout

Amongst those names are William Hill, MansionBet, AVABET and Smarkets

Betting Brands Join Social Media Blackout
Betting Brands Join Social Media Blackout

Numerous UK and European brands have thrown their support behind this weekend’s social media blackout. This is a campaign launched to address the ever-increasing reports of abuse on social media, with many believing social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be doing more to stamp out trolling and online racial abuse.

Football clubs, players and many sponsors have all put their name to this campaign, following in the footsteps of organisations such as the FA, UEFA and Premier league in fight against racial hate online.

Amongst those names are betting brands such as William Hill, MansionBet, AVABET and Smarkets. These are in addition to Bristol City, Newcastle United, Millwall FC and several other clubs. 

Head of integrated marketing at MansionBet, Dana Bocker added: 

“We stand with our partners and all football leagues in their continued fight against racism. As a mark of respect for the clubs we sponsor and their players, we are proud to join in this movement.”

Similarly, Smarkets also posted an announcement to its following. The company said all of its social media accounts will remain inactive until 3pm Tuesday.

In a statement, Smarkets said: 

“Racism and online abuse have no place in our society. Smarkets fully supports and will be participating in the sporting social media boycott beginning at 3pm on Friday 30 April and ending at 11:59pm on Monday 3 May. We stand in solidarity with those affected. This is a crucial issue that requires real engagement from social media companies who must do more to tackle the unacceptable abuse on their platforms.”

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