Advertorial: How Internet Vikings is Supporting Operators, Suppliers and Affiliates

We look at the top services iGaming brands can tap into!

Internet Vikings
Internet Vikings

Internet Vikings is an established provider of advanced digital services and solutions, boasting a long history of involvement in the international online gaming industry. 

Having worked with some of the industry’s leading operators, suppliers, and affiliates, we look at the top services iGaming brands can tap into.


The importance of strong hosting can never be underestimated. Via Internet Vikings, brands can access the iGaming Hosting. It is a service designed to help operators, payment providers, game developers and affiliates to implement the best digital setup possible. From enhancing user experience to keeping data secure, Internet Vikings’ hosting solution is second to none. 

For certain markets such as China, they can also provide premium bandwidth and CDNs. 

Popular features of Internet Viking’s hosting services include: 

  • Hybrid Clouds - Hybrid Clouds are suited to brands that want to benefit from having dedicated hardware for processing as well as the ability to scale-out on demand to shared hardware.
  • Private Clouds - This option is ideal for operators or providers that require full control over their digital infrastructure. 
  • Dedicated Infrastructure - If you don’t want to have a cloud setup, Internet Vikings can offer dedicated hardware for all locations.
  • DDoS Protection - The brand can provide DDoS Protection, handling more than 150 Gbit/s attacks to their customers’ sites.
  • Web Acceleration / CDN - If you don’t want to have localised servers, Internet Vikings will help you accelerate your websites with the Internet Vikings Web Accelerator. Locations are situated in all major continents.
  • IP-address Diversity - IP-address Diversity is one of the main focuses in emerging markets. Internet Vikings have over 150 000 IP-addresses from all over the world that they use to help customers build their digital presence in chosen markets. This can be combined with the DDoS protection service.

Marketing Solutions

As well as helping brands create the right hosting infrastructure, Internet Vikings can also help businesses improve their online presence and increase their rankings in Google by securing the visibility of their brands.

  • Content Sites - Are you looking for someone to build a content site for you? If so, Internet Vikings are worth looking into, with the team building an average of 500 sites per month. Following customers' brand guidelines and offering content building in 60 languages, these content sites tick all the boxes when it comes to SEO, layout and design. What’s more, websites can be delivered within a timeframe of 9-12 weeks.
  • Brand Protection Sites - Competition in the industry has never been so fierce, especially in the European markets. As a result, Internet Vikings’ Brand Protection Sites are highly in demand. These are sites built to give brands a fighting chance in the marketplace. The websites outrank competitors and affiliates on brand-related keywords and secure several positions on the first page of search engines.
  • Managed Brand Protection - With the help of  Managed Brand Protection service from Internet Vikings, brand owners can maximize their ROI from ATL spending. This turnkey product ensures a high position of a brand in Google on brand keywords, retention of brand search traffic, and, as a result, boost in direct conversions. This unique technology helps operators to protect their brand from other actors and mitigate undesired traffic yield.  Within this service, customers can expect site and link building, secure hosting in Internet Vikings’ Cloud, domain management, an SLA bound support service, regular monitoring reports as well as updates regarding progress and results. 

Domains Management

Domains names with a high authority score can be hard to come by. This is why Internet Vikings has created a resource whereby customers can bid on and purchase expired SEO domain names. Internet Vikings offer a cost-effective solution processing domain names from over 60 countries. In addition, Internet Vikings offers registration services as one of the biggest registrars in Europe. 

The changing landscape of the iGaming industry 

It is no secret that things are changing in the online gaming industry. From new markets opening up to stricter regulations being introduced all over the world, iGaming brands need to stay abreast of these shifts and regulatory reforms. This is something Internet Vikings aims to support both new and established brands, ensuring their digital assets are protecting and enhancing profit. 

Internet Vikings’ CEO, Peter Ekmark, says:

"The iGaming industry will continue to be regulated in more markets. This will make the operators less profitable. Internet Vikings will continue to offer high-value products that help our customers to mitigate this effect by being more efficient at a lower cost".

To see the full extent of what Internet Vikings has to offer your brand, visit their website now.

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