Matilda Schneider on Being a Content Strategist in a Top German Online Casino Project

We interview Matilda Schneider of Gamblizard

Matilda Schneider on Being a Content Strategist in a Top German Online Casino Project
Matilda Schneider on Being a Content Strategist in a Top German Online Casino Project

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in the company

I’m Mathilda Schneider, Content Strategist with a strong international background. A happy mom, a feminist, and one of the few lucky ones who truly likes their job. I've been professionally active in the iGaming sector for over 15 years, and it has been a blend of my personal and professional interests. Particularly, I inherited my enthusiasm for football from countless evenings at Bayern Munich games. At I've had the opportunity to mould and mentor a team of professionals. Together, we're dedicated to crafting content that informs and empowers our readers. We do our best to make the complex landscape of gambling understandable for everyone. Our goal is to produce content transcending mere information that would make the readers feel as if they were chatting with a trusted pal who happens to be an expert in his field.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Currently, my ambition is to grow both personally and professionally while propelling Gamblizard onto the global stage. I aspire to elevate my role beyond Content Strategy into a more influential leadership position. Perhaps as a Director of Content or Chief Content Officer at an international level. A perspective and a goal I see for myself quite clearly is leading a larger team, and pioneering innovative content delivery methods that set new standards in the iGaming industry. 

What separates your brand from its competitors?

To my mind, what makes us different is our unwavering commitment to quality and integrity. At Gamblizard, every piece of content is meticulously researched. We want to provide value for the users. This is why we set ourselves a high bar and don’t stop until it’s reached. It's about exceeding our limits, offering insights that truly make a difference. I believe it is this approach that sets us apart from competitors. And the one that helps build a loyal community that sees us as their primary source of casino insights.

What trends do you see defining the German online casino industry in 2024?

According to the data provided by Statista, the annual growth trajectory of the German online casino market is going to grow steadily by 5.00%. Therefore, we can prospect a tendency to implement the most recent technological advancements. But it means higher competition, too. As far as I can observe, these few months of the current year in the German online casino scene are all about tighter rules and crypto making big waves. Everyone's talking about how we're moving towards safer play and how crypto's changing the game with quick and anonymous transactions. At Gamblizard, we're updating our guides and tips to guarantee our readers get the latest information about these changes. It's crucial we stay on top of the trends, but let's remember to keep things legal, safe, and sound for our readers. That's our priority.

Do you see AI playing a role in your area of business?

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly reshaping the landscape of content creation. In fact, many articles in search engine results are now AI-generated. This reality is somewhat joyless for me personally. Let me explain: such content often lacks the expertise and the personal touch that human writers bring to the table. At Gamblizard, we pride ourselves on having human experts write our content. We want our audience to receive well-researched, reliable, and engrossing material. The one that stands out for its authenticity. On the flip side, we’re not puritans in this sense. How can one be in our industry? We admit that AI's potential can be applied in a positive key, particularly in terms of the design of our websites and pieces. It is crucial in developing our landing page images. And it's enabling us to create more visually appealing interfaces that connect with our visitors better. So there are both benefits and downsides in applying AI in content creation. The important thing is to remember that AI tools are exactly what they are — tools. They should be manipulated by human expertise and creativity for the sake of a balanced product.

What is on the horizon for you and the business, are there any big projects in the pipeline?

Moving forward, we're focusing on broadening Gamblizard's presence internationally. We aim to become the recognised source of casino information globally. At the moment, our enterprise has managed to enter the Gamblizard UK and Gamblizard CA markets. We plan to increase our audience and establish our position across many more countries. We're also looking into new methods to interact with and inform our readers so that our offerings stay relevant. As for the big projects, I’ll lift the veil on one of our latest interest areas. As you know, one of the forecasted perspectives for any online interaction is the implementation of VR technologies. We keep our eyes on the ball. After all, innovations take root in our lives at an astronomical speed. We’re determined to be among the first services to communicate the recent advances. I must say that with plans for both strategic expansion and innovative content development, Gamblizard’s future looks promising.

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