Leaders of the Top-3 Golden Boomerang Awards Share Expectations From the Tournament and Insights

Inna Gagarin, the co-owner & founder at G.Partners, shares insights into the dynamic world of traffic arbitrage.

Leaders of the Top-3 Golden Boomerang Awards Share Expectations From the Tournament and Insights
Leaders of the Top-3 Golden Boomerang Awards Share Expectations From the Tournament and Insights

Inna Gagarin, the co-owner & founder at G.Partners, shares insights into the dynamic world of traffic arbitrage. As a prominent figure in a field often dominated by men, she discusses the thrill of launching high-risk projects, securing reliable partners with high conversion rates, and the potential of the gambling vertical in Africa. 

Inna Gagarin shares her excitement about participating in the Golden Boomerang Awards, a traffic tournament hosted by Boomerang Partners, where her team, G.Partners, has soared to the top 3 on the leaderboard within just a month. The tournament remains open until May 14th - cheer the G.Partners or join the grand prize race at GoldenBoomerangAwards.com

What key factors motivated you to participate in the Golden Boomerang Awards 2024?

First and foremost, the positive experience of working with Boomerang Partners, which contributed to the development and strengthening of the partnership. And, of course, participating in the tournament, with the award ceremony taking place at the announced grand party in Cyprus with the chance to win the main prize - that interested us.

To be honest, the Golden Boomerang Awards is the first experience of participating in contests of this scale for G.Partners. Earlier, we only organized tournaments ourselves. Therefore, being on the other side of the barricades is very interesting and unusual. We understand that especially if it concerns the quality and quantity of the poured traffic.

What unique strategies or approaches do you plan to apply in this tournament, based on your previous experience?

Diversification of sources (PPC, ASO, FB) to minimize drawdowns. In general, we want to get the main prize, so we'll be applying all the strategies and tactics that come to our mind :)

Can you share your expectations from participating in the Golden Boomerang Awards 2024? 

Victory! Of course, we want to win the tournament, or at least make it into the top three leaders. Our chances are quite high at the moment. After two weeks, we were in the top five leaders, and within the first month, we've already made it into the top 3, and we don't plan to slow down. There's more to come since the contest continues and we have time until May 14th!

Can winning the tournament be equated to a victory over competitors in the niche?

There are as many opinions as there are people. I believe that you are your main competitor. Becoming better than your yesterday self is more important than any "struggle" with market participants. And I have my view on the so-called "competition." I actively befriend everyone working in the niche, so it's personal growth that motivates me. And the competition is about character. For me, victory will be a new interesting experience.

Can you share your vision of an ideal affiliate program, and how to find one?

At first view, the most important thing in an affiliate program is converting products, high rates, and large marketing budgets to drive traffic to ancap.

However, if you don’t add client relations and managers who are ready to offer individual conditions and always be in touch with the partner to this formula, you won’t get an ideal PP. Still, in our field, a lot is built on personal communication and the ability to communicate effectively.

What made Boomerang Partners attractive to you?

A wide pool of brands, good player retention, constant analytics of incoming traffic, their pushes, and the ability to pour large volumes with corresponding quality.

During our collaboration, we have established trusting relationships with the managers, which allows us to discuss individual conditions and receive quick feedback on active campaigns from the start.

What is the uniqueness of the female business approach in the affiliate marketing industry?

A tricky question :) Let me expose that one.

Over the past 3-4 years, our community has seen a significant increase in the number of women in leadership positions. Previously, the industry was almost entirely male. Today, women work in affiliate marketing, holding positions from team leads to senior managers. And that's wonderful. However, there are still not so many women in C-Level positions in our industry. And that's not so wonderful.

In our field, it's more difficult for women to advance – you always have to prove that you can be a reliable business partner and are capable of showing high results.

As for me, after many years, I already feel comfortable in the industry, and I've long been known and treated as an equal. In this regard, I was partly lucky: I'm very characterful and I enter the fight without thinking. All the right people are well aware of this personal quality of mine, so I no longer need to prove anything. But it wasn't always like that. So, my advice to all women is: when entering an industry traditionally considered male, don't despair – creating an image will simply take some time.

Can you highlight one case that was defining in your career? What lessons did you learn from it?

5 years ago, I had the idea to create my affiliate program. This April, we'll celebrate its 5th anniversary. At the time of its creation, the idea seemed unfeasible: I needed to attract investments, build processes, find C-level managers, and hire employees. And all this "from scratch," considering that even on our main project, we had complete outsourcing. To say I was scared to launch this project is an understatement. For more than two months, I couldn't bring myself to take the first step. But it was our CEO who supported me in making this decision. 5 years later, I can say that it was worth it, and in the end, everything turned out very, very well.

From all of this, I learned a lesson that any business, and especially in our field, is always high-risk with the acceptance of responsibility yourself.

It was and will be like that. However, looking back on those events, now I understand that you should never "retreat." If an idea comes up, you need to shed your fear and take the risk: experiment, and launch projects. Of course, not everything succeeds. But it's important to remember that something that works well usually pays off and even previously failed projects as well.

To what extent do personal branding and reputation influence success in affiliate marketing?

In the affiliate marketing industry, personal branding is important for success. It's about recognizability and trustworthiness.

I've been seriously involved in this and building my brand for many years. I have a good, professionally made personal Instagram page with content not so much about business as about lifestyle and travel, but of course, I also touch on work.

Personal branding always involves significant investments in yourself and your social activity. In other words, let's be honest, you can't build it for free. And it's not just about money. This process requires a lot of resources: time, and involvement. At the same time, it helps tremendously. Often, the point of entry for partners and webmasters is my Instagram.

Personal branding implies publicity, which means you have to carefully monitor your reputation and keep track of "what they say" and "what they write" about you. On the one hand, it's a great tool that allows you to grow and become a market leader. On the other hand, you always need to understand that you're in the spotlight, and partners, competitors, and regulatory bodies are closely watching you. So you start to watch yourself more carefully, which increases trust in you and in the company you represent.

What advice would you give your younger self at the start of your career, with all the knowledge you have now?

"Buy Bitcoin," I would tell myself...

But seriously, I would advise myself to enter the Brazilian market – back when it was not yet mainstream. You could have entered it for mere pennies. We calculated the possibilities back then, and the investments needed were not that big. At that time, the prices there were completely different: influence was affordable, "take it or leave it" purchases – you could have entered and captured the entire market with just a few million. Now, of course, you can't do anything there with ten times that amount – the industry is overheated.

But back then, we were afraid because Brazil seemed like such a big and distant country with its specific mentality, and the need to adapt the language and visual messages. No one expected such growth from Brazil, no one even thought that you could launch there under a Curacao license and operate. Those who entered the market at that time are now earning well there. Who knows how things would have turned out? Maybe I would have lived in Brazil for a while. I love that country, by the way.

Now you can still look at LatAm for launching projects, but not Brazil.

The moral of that experience is that you need to trust your intuition more and not hesitate. For example, now – Africa is a trend, so it makes sense to take a look at that direction before everyone starts actively promoting there. Africa is the next big region that will be relevant soon. There are currently issues with payment systems, but they are being actively resolved, and in some African countries, they have already been resolved. And now, a lot of inquiries specifically about Africa are starting to appear.

Therefore, remembering the Golden Boomerang Awards – I wish everyone to hone their confidence in their abilities by participating and achieving top results in the tournament in low-risk mode, and then switch to our beloved high-risk in the industry and move on to developing new markets – there's a hint: the countries of Africa have great potential. Who knows, maybe we'll even meet there! :)


GoldenBoomerangAwards.com — a traffic tournament by Boomerang Partners, a direct advertiser with Malta and Curaçao licenses, offering a wide range of casino offers and products, high conversion rates of over 35% Click-to-Dep and more than 70% Reg-to-Dep across 30+ geographies.

In addition to favorable commissions such as a lifetime RevShare of 50% for quality traffic, partners participating in the Golden Boomerang Awards 2024 also stand a chance to win valuable prizes. These include subscriptions to useful online services, Mac Pro computers, GoPro cameras, DJI drones, and much more.

Join in, drive traffic to any of the 12 consistently converting products from Boomerang Partners, and receive gifts for your activity and results in the Golden Boomerang Awards tournament — every two weeks!

The prize distribution will last until May 14th. The top 30 teams at the end of the tournament will journey to an unforgettable award ceremony in Cyprus on June 1st. To register and participate in the tournament, visit GoldenBoomerangAwards.com.

Original source: Boomerang Partners blog

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