Mapping iGaming Trends for 2023: An Interview with Catherine Watts of Mate Affiliates

We fire questions at the business' Senior Affiliate Manager

Mapping trends for 2023
Mapping trends for 2023

Can you give our readers a little background into yourself and your role within the business?

If starting with basics, I will tell that my name is Catherine, and I just turned 27 years old. If getting deeper into it, then I’ll have to dedicate the whole page to my life story :D 

I have been with Mate Affiliates since the beginning of it, as when I joined, we were about ten people in the company. Four years later, and here we are, 70! One of the things I’m most proud of is seeing and learning the development of a healthy company and how its theoretical/ strategical parts, if done correctly, turn into implementation and growth. In absolutely equal measurements, as the company grew, so did I. 

Started as a Junior Affiliate Manager, and now I am past being the main finance manager, PR manager, and team trainer. My current role is of a Senior Affiliate Manager, and being through so many activities within the company, I am happy to stick to it. 

Although you operate in the online space, do you still see a necessity for networking within the industry?

Absolutely! One comes with another, creating the perfect symbiosis for relationship development. Although the online space presents itself with enough networking resources, we must always pay attention to the importance of people interaction and the personal touch to the business sphere that comes with it. Face-to-face interactions + online ones are the quintessential success in the iGaming ecosystem.  

One of the biggest changes to the iGaming industry in recent years has been the move towards remote working, mainly due to the pandemic. What do you feel the pros and cons are for remote working in this industry?

The immediate need to switch to remote work has impacted us all in a way we could have never believed. At first strange and worrying, then acceptance hit in, and then comfort and productivity made their appearance. We’ve found out we can be multi-tasking and efficient at the same time, and thus we’ve learned back the power of flexibility and freedom. People have had their lives changed because of the pros of it, such as crossing the Atlantic to see their families without worrying about losing their job (and this example is one of the small ones). 

Of course, all things in this life have the good and the bad in it, so I would disagree with remote working for people who have just started their careers, being in the internship stage or people who have to sacrifice their well-being to be able to cope with the companies’ schedule (huge time zone differences, for example). This form of working should be permitted in cases when it causes more benefits than damages, and it’s up to each company to understand where it stands. I am fortunate to work in a company where my needs are heard and, more importantly, to be in a position where it’s clear enough that working remotely for me adds more value than losses. 

And as a general rule: if you are a professional, you are more devoted to doing what you have to do when it feels like a choice and not an obligation.

What advice would you give to businesses that are recruiting at the moment?

Look for potential in people rather than for a finite set of skills. If you are able to visualize what a person might become and not what he/ she already is, your recruitment process, therefore its progress, is assured. 

Regulatory processes differ around the globe. How does a business like yours stay on top of the ever-changing regulatory landscape?

That is an excellent question! The past few months to a year have been challenging when it comes to the regulatory processes, and the main difficulty was to actually keep up with all of it because, as never before, more and more countries have started the implementation of more and more regulations. As a company, especially as operators, it is very important for us to be compliant. Therefore, we strive to adapt and change along with the rules, ensuring we offer the best product in each market. We care about our players and constantly ensure we provide the most entertaining and safest environment for all of them.

Thanks for this great interview! It is a pleasure to have our company story shared here. I can definitely say that in a year, the story will get bigger! 

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