The Best Boxing Betting Sites Every Fight Fan Needs

With the rise of iGaming, online sportsbooks have opened up the betting world and made it more convenient than ever to place bets. People who may not have felt comfortable actually going into a betting shop or even calling to bet can now simply use an app to bet.

The Best Boxing Betting Sites Every Fight Fan Needs
The Best Boxing Betting Sites Every Fight Fan Needs

Boxing has always been one of the most popular betting sports around the world. From small local fights between relative unknowns to massive pay-per-view spectaculars showcasing the fighting talents of the biggest boxing stars, boxing always has an audience that is happy to place money on the outcome.

With the rise of iGaming, online sportsbooks have opened up the betting world and made it more convenient than ever to place bets. People who may not have felt comfortable actually going into a betting shop or even calling to bet can now simply use an app to bet. In addition, without the need to have a physical presence, it is easier for small, independent sportsbooks to exist.

With so many options available, you can take your pick of the best boxing betting sites. Finding these sites could require a time-intensive search on your part, weighing up the pros and cons of each – or you could save time and jump right into the fun of betting by reading our handy guide and suggestions.

How we rate the top boxing betting sites

Choosing the right betting site for you isn’t something that should be random. There are definitely some sportsbooks that are better than others. Relying on a guide is a good step and knowing how those experts made their selections can give you the tips you need to evaluate other sportsbooks too.

Boxing odds 

The most basic consideration is whether or not the sportsbook offers odds on all of the fights that you want to bet on. While nearly every sports betting site will have odds on title fights and the big Madison Square Garden matches, not all of them will have odds on smaller events.

Once you’ve established that the sportsbook that you’re considering has odds on the boxing events that you’re planning to bet on, it’s time to compare those odds. Odds are set by oddsmakers, which means every sportsbook can have some variation in their odds. Find those that suit you and your betting style.

Safety & security

We’ve all become so used to entering our personal and financial information online that sometimes we forget that there’s an element of risk to it. Finding a sportsbook that will keep your data safe and secure is essential.

When trying to establish how secure a betting site is, you need to check out what their security protocols and software are. Having 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology should be a requirement for any site that you want to bet with.

User-friendly features

Sportsbooks have come a long way from simply filling out betting slips and handing them over to a bookie. Online sportsbooks can offer lots of user-friendly features for their clients. One of the best features for new bettors is betting guides. 

Betting guides break down how odds work, how to create your betting strategy and how to read stats to get a better idea of how and when to place your bets. Other features can include how to cash out before an event is over and ways to build your own bet.

Wide coverage for boxing events

Just like checking to make sure that a sportsbook has odds on boxing events, you want to make sure that they have wide coverage for boxing events. This includes opinion pieces on upcoming fights, reviews of weigh-ins and breakdowns of previous fights. 

The more coverage that is offered, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to place thoroughly researched and intelligent bets. Of course, you can do this research yourself but having it in the same place that you’re placing your bets makes it easier to access and makes it more likely that you’ll actually do the reading. 

Value for money boxing sign-up offers

Welcome offers are one of the major perks the sportsbooks give to new customers. These offers include bonuses like deposit matching, no risk bets and free bets. All of these bonuses can help you to get off to a great start with your boxing betting.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that some offers have short windows of availability and expire within a week or so. Others have high wagering requirements that are hard to meet. If a bonus seems too good to be true, it might be because it’s pretty much impossible to actually make money from it. 

The best boxing betting sites – May 2023


BetUK is one of the biggest betting brands of the online generation. They offer good boxing odds and have one of the most useable apps in the business. They do not have a telephone number for customer support but do have a live chat feature and an email address.

While BetUK has a free bets welcome offer – three free £10 bets – it isn’t necessarily a great deal for boxing fans. This is because one of the bets must be placed on a horse race and one must be placed on a football match. 


Unibet has been in operation for over two decades – that’s plenty of experience at running a successful sportsbook. Part of that success is offering odds on a wide range of sports – including boxing, of course! – and a number of different bonus offers.

Unibet might not have the most modern interface or interesting aesthetic. If you care more about how a site functions than what it looks like, this should not be too big of an issue.


Parimatch is a major European sportsbook that has recently entered the UK market. This background makes it more likely that you’ll be able to find odds on fights being held on the continent, not just in the USA and UK. One of the major perks of Parimatch is how accessible the site is. They have an app but if you don’t want another app to clutter up your phone, their website is fully optimized for mobile.

Parimatch has a very responsive customer support team. They have live chat, telephone and email options for reaching out. Live chat is generally the quickest method but users have found that contacting them via email works nearly as well.


Though it has had a few different names over the course of its existence, the brand at the heart of BetVictor has been around since the 1940s. In recent years, they have used that experience to establish themselves as one of the leading online sportsbooks. 

BetVictor has one of the best in-play betting options. Not only can users bet, they can also see stats about the event taking place before they place any wagers. Unfortunately, BetVictor does not offer livestreaming for boxing, it is only available for horse racing.


It’s easy to confused by all the sportsbooks whose names are a variation of Bet+something, but Betway is one that you should be sure to remember. It’s one of the top sportsbooks in the country and around the world. 

Users have found that the site can be a bit clunky to navigate and recommend using the search feature rather than trying to navigate through it. This is truer for the casino but applies to the sportsbook as well.

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