The Future Of US Gambling Stocks

Gambling stocks continue to flourish during the worldwide economic downturn. The trend is likely to continue as consumer markets are set to open further.

Popular gambling stock Penn National Gaming, listed as PENN(NASDAQ) has also witnessed a huge uptrend in the past few months from stock prices being as low as $10 in March 2020 to almost $70 in September.
Popular gambling stock Penn National Gaming, listed as PENN(NASDAQ) has also witnessed a huge uptrend in the past few months from stock prices being as low as $10 in March 2020 to almost $70 in September.

Gambling stocks in U.S. markets have been witnessing a great bull run since the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and worldwide economic crash. Since the inception of online gambling, this trend has been gaining momentum and people have started to incorporate this attractive yet easy way of gambling into their lives. Be it sports betting or online casinos, the rise in popularity has been increasing. With people closed inside their houses, apps and platforms that bring online casinos and betting available to them comfortably on mobiles and computers is the reason for the uptrend in these gambling stocks. 

With the growing popularity and the ease of access, online gambling has been witnessing a huge spurt and rise in users, especially after the pandemic. Popular Gambling stocks like DraftKings, listed as DKNG(NASDAQ) have witnessed a spectacular uptrend and good bullish momentum. With stock prices as low as $12 in March of 2020 to the current price of $53 in September, this spectacular uptrend is the result of thousands of new users who have started playing online due to the quarantine. With recent developments in the company’s management and an aggressive approach towards growth, this stock is worth putting your money on. 

Popular gambling stock Penn National Gaming, listed as PENN(NASDAQ) has also witnessed a huge uptrend in the past few months from stock prices being as low as $10 in March 2020 to almost $70 in September. The reason for this momentum and growth in stock prices directly co-relates to new and increasing users. Gambling online is a trend that has picked up lately since going outside and physically participating in such activities has become restricted due to the pandemic. The gambling industry, in general, has been witnessing a good uptrend and growth in the quarantine period. Online gambling has the potential to be the next big thing, and this sector has untapped potential that is waiting to explode. 

Other popular gambling stocks such as Boyd Gaming, listed as BYD(NYSE), and GAN Limited, listed as GAN(NASDAQ) also are in an uptrend. Stock prices have been driven upwards during the pandemic and have caused a strong momentum in the gambling sector. With the increase of online users and the ease of gambling from your electronic device no matter where you are, online gambling is a sector that will witness a great bull trend and will be the next big growth area. With the constant development in technology and greater and efficient apps through which users can access and play, the coming future holds great possibilities and opportunities for online gambling. 

Traditional casinos require huge funding and capital to set-up and run. They cannot function without proper manpower and resources, whereas online gambling is a much easier approach when compared. The laws and regulations to set up a new casino have always been stringent, but when compared to online gambling, the laws regulating this new domain are much relaxed and smooth. This sector has a huge potential as our future is in technology. We live in such a time where every human being has a mobile phone, and access to the internet. And when gambling, which is a fun and addictive sport in nature is brought to you directly via your mobile phone, it is a recipe for success. With the ease and efficiency of online gambling platforms, it is a rising trend that will explode in the coming future. 

Modern software and technology have made it possible to create such fantastic applications through which users can easily bet and play online. And the pandemic has given us a short example of the potential the online gambling sector possesses. Just in a matter of a few months, this sector has recovered quickly that most other sectors like automobile, banking, or I.T, which are still in the process of reaching their pre-Covid levels. With the legalization of sports betting in most states, this presents a great opportunity for investors to create staggering returns. With attractive opportunities in the online gambling sector and huge untapped potential waiting to be discovered, the future of gambling stocks is a positive and one to look out for. 

The rapid movement of legalization of sports betting in majority of the states has also presented a potential increase in revenues for them, and thus attracted a lot of investors to the gambling stocks sector. According to official sources and data, the sports betting industry in the U.S. generated revenue of 908.9 million U.S. dollars in the year 2019. With such impressive numbers and the potential to grow to new heights, this sector has a lot of potential gambling stocks which can prove out to be multi-baggers. Analyzing the current scenario, experts have predicted that by 2023, the U.S. sports betting market will grow up to $13 billion. With stocks such as Penn National Gaming, PENN(NASDAQ) and DraftKings DKNG(NASDAQ) having generated over 200% returns in 2020 alone, the potential and scope these stocks have is truly amazing. 

Overall, gambling stocks and the online gambling sector, in general, are at the start of a major bull run, which could last for years to come. Having untapped potential and various opportunities to on-cash, the future seems very bright for this sector. The quarantine period has given us a short glimpse of the potential that these stocks have. With thousands of investors flocking towards this sector, and new ventures and companies emerging, gambling stocks are sure to be trending very soon. With attractive opportunities for players to ease-of-gambling and betting from anywhere, there is no denial to the fact that we shall witness more and more users in the coming time, which in short translate to better bottom lines for companies and increased stock prices. This sector now has great potential and will witness a huge growth in the coming time. Gambling stocks could prove to be jackpots in the coming future, and one should not delay in seizing this wonderful opportunity that we currently have in front of us. With great potential and numerous opportunities for investors, the gambling sector is surely going to witness a positive future.

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